First Mile

Mid Mile

Last Mile

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First Mile

Reduced risks. Quality assured. You need the highest possible safety standards for your production line. And in the first mile – the first point in your supply chain when raw materials are transported to manufacturers – you need the lowest risk of contamination. You can move your goods more efficiently and more sustainably than ever before with us. Saving you time and hassle, while helping you stay compliant with the latest safety standards.

We work with a large network of partners to coordinate removal and installation of a shipped product. This process could involve storing the product for a later delivery date, which is helpful when the destination address is unknown at the time of pickup.

Mid Mile

Connect your supply chain across the full range of delivery services to gain visibility and a stronger sense of calm. Our mid-mile services enable you to track the location of your freight at any point during the delivery process. Combine services with a single provider gives you the advantage of a more streamlined service.

All your freight information is centralized in a software and a team of delivery experts works from the mid mile to the last mile. It can be difficult to organise and manage shipments that are less than a full truckload in the mid mile. We handle this, ensuring that your shipment, no matter how large, is delivered to your distributors and retailers.

Last Mile

Manage last-mile delivery through automated asset tracking and alerts to both shippers and consumers. Drive a 360-degree customer communication with live visibility, predictive alerts, ETAs and feedbacks. Be it the most optimal route, the right fleet mix, or order sequences, our algorithms will come up with it all to ensure a seamless last-mile delivery.

We provide businesses with last mile delivery solutions including software and access to our network of thousands of delivery professionals. Our last mile solutions are purpose built to make last mile delivery faster and easier than ever before.

Part load Services

We can reduce loading time and transport goods from one location to another without wasting any resources. We have built a large network with our hubs and branches, which are monitored 24*7 by CCTV cameras. During the part-load shipping process, the shipment can be reloaded onto a different truck, which will arrange delivery to the consignee’s warehouse. provide express delivery and door-to-door logistics services at a low cost, ensuring damage-free and on-time delivery You can also track the shipment in real time on our website, giving you an update on where the cargo is at the moment. We use a hub-and-spoke model to make cargo movement efficient and simple. Minimize your logistics cost with Logicarts’ part load services!

Warehousing Services

We have facilities to handle your supply chain, whether at origin or destination. By combining shipping with warehousing and distribution, you benefit from a seamless end-to-end solution with us. Complexity is reduced, and you gain speed, control and visibility. Save time by accessing all your orders, shipping details in a single system. Reduce shipping costs drastically by decreasing distance between the customer’s residence and your warehouse. Gain control and visibility to your supply chain, improve performance, and eliminate manual processes. Our best-in-class technology delivers a customized solution to help your company achieve your unique supply chain goals. We manage and optimize every aspect of logistics and supply chain operations. We can provide cost-effective solutions backed with exceptional customer service.